• Proprietary modeling technology
  • Low latency, extremely low CPU overhead
  • Highly accurate recreation of vintage analog gear

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Silo SoundLabs

A History of Sound

The debut Vintage Series of audio plug-ins from Silo SoundLabs captures the warmth, the punch, and the unmatchable presence of classic analogue gear and accurately recreates it in the digital domain.

These iconic brands and classic devices form the unshakeable foundation of recorded music. Start building your library of vintage plug-ins from Silo SoundLabs and make them the foundation of your music history.


Who Are We

Silo SoundLabs LLC, established in March 2018, is a consortium of DSP engineers, acoustic engineers, audio engineers and musicians dedicated to bringing quality products to market for the professional and prosumer audio and musical instruments industries.

Decades of combined experience and a passion for the art and science of audio and music production has driven the development of a new digital signal processing technology with an efficiency never before measured or experienced – and ultimately a new software plug-in paradigm.


What We Do

Our approach is simple: modern CPUs are remarkably powerful devices that can be harnessed to perform incredibly complex tasks across all manner of disciplines. Why offload audio processing onto expensive outboard devices when the solution is already available in your PC or Mac?

Silo’s dedication to designing economical yet superior quality DSP code allows for accurate replication of audio characteristics at maximum efficiency.

The result: many tens of instances of our plugins run concurrently without breaking the bank; both metaphorically and literally.

Trident 80B 500 Series EQ

The classic Tident 80B EQ, recreated in a 500 Series lunchbox style. The distinctive and remarkable 80B sound has never before been captured as accurately or as faithfully as it has in this Silo Sound Labs plug-in. Download it now and let your instruments and vocals come alive with that signature Trident sound from countless hit recordings. Don’t be shy – use the Trident 80B EQ plug-in on every track in your mix with Silo’s low system overhead SiloDNA.

Trident CB9066 EQ

The CB9066 EQ holds a unique place in Trident evolution, adding more sweepable bands with bandwidth control and HP/LP filters with adjustable slope. The 9066 makes possible more surgical EQ for your more complex mixes, while adding even more vibrancy to your simpler mixes. As always, the low overhead, super-efficient SiloDNA gets you there and beyond, with uncompromised tracking and mixing flexibility on every track, every time.

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