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Silo SoundLabs LLC

Silo SoundLabs LLC is a consortium of DSP engineers, acoustic engineers, audio engineers and musicians dedicated to bringing quality products to market for the professional and prosumer audio and musical instruments industries.

Our Story

Decades of Experience

Decades of combined experience and a passion for the art and science of audio and music production has driven the development of a new digital signal processing technology with an efficiency never before measured or experienced – and ultimately a new software plug-in paradigm.

Vintage Series Software

In Q1 2020, Silo SoundLabs launches its first products with the Vintage Series software models of classic audio processing hardware. Additions to the Vintage Series are slated for 2020, plus a surprising new line of custom plug-in effects.

Silo DNA

The SiloDNA proprietary digital signal processing modeling methodology is the core technology upon which Silo SoundLabs software plug-ins are built.


Research and development will continue as Silo SoundLabs grows, laying a foundation for the creation of software and hardware products that expedite the workflow and facilitate the work of music and audio production professionals worldwide.

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