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Who we are

Silo SoundLabs LLC, established in March 2018, is a consortium of DSP engineers, acoustic engineers, audio engineers and musicians dedicated to bringing quality products to market for the professional and prosumer audio and musical instruments industries. Decades of combined experience and a passion for the art and science of audio and music production has driven the development of a new digital signal processing technology with an efficiency never before measured or experienced - and ultimately a new software plug-in paradigm.

Our Mission

SiloDNA – Dynamic Node Architecture – is a revolutionary, proprietary methodology for audio analysis and digital signal processing (DSP) design. When SiloDNA is used on a project where the aim is to replicate the characteristics of a vintage audio hardware device in the software domain, the result is an extremely efficient yet incredibly faithful digital recreation of the original.

Our Methodology

Our approach is simple: modern CPUs are remarkably powerful devices that can be harnessed to perform incredibly complex tasks across all manner of disciplines. Why offload audio processing onto expensive outboard devices when the solution is already available in your PC or Mac? Silo’s dedication to designing economical yet superior quality DSP code allows for accurate replication of audio characteristics at maximum efficiency. The result: many tens of instances of our plugins run concurrently without breaking the bank; both metaphorically and literally.

Our Mark

Years of professional and academic experience in Digital Signal Processing coupled with Applied Acoustics and Software Design has allowed our CTO and DSP Architect to create this new paradigm entirely in-house. We firmly believe that the future of plug-in technology should never involve expensive external hardware to perform unnecessary and inefficient signal processing operations. As such, you will never be forced to buy anything like this to use with Silo SoundLabs plug-ins. With SiloDNA, the new plug-in paradigm has arrived.