Trident 80B 500 Series EQ – COMING SOON


This classic Trident EQ boasts powerful tone shaping capabilities. With SiloDNA, use this EQ to craft each every track until it shines.

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The classic Trident 80B EQ, recreated in a 500 Series lunchbox style. The distinctive and remarkable 80B sound has never before been captured as accurately or as faithfully as it has in this Silo SoundLabs plug-in. Download it now, and let your instrument and vocal tracks come alive with the signature Trident sound from countless hit recordings. Silo’s ultra-efficient proprietary modeling architecture, SiloDNA, allows you to use the Trident 80B EQ plug-in on every track in your mix: create your very own virtual Trident console!

The Trident 80B EQ Plug-in contains sweepable Low Mid (100 Hz to 1,500 Hz) and High Mid (1 kHz to 15 kHz) frequency ranges. With an available 15 dB of boost and cut, at the very same bandwidths (or ‘Q factors’) meticulously tuned by Trident engineers back in the early 1980s, these controls allow for enhancements of stunning musicality across many different instruments or vocals. Low shelving filter corner frequency can be set to 60 Hz or 120 Hz, faithfully recreating the legendary low-end punch of the 80B hardware, while the high shelving corner frequency, settable to 8 kHz or 12 kHz, adds the exquisite sparkle that makes the plug-in perform like no other software model currently on the market. A silky-smooth 50 Hz high-pass filter, also faithfully modeled against the original, can be engaged or disengaged as required.