Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which plug-in formats are available?
Silo SoundLabs plug-ins are available in Audio Unit (Mac-only), VST3, and AAX formats.
Q: Which operating systems are supported?

Apple Mac:
MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or above; compatible with 10.15 (Catalina).

Windows PC:
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8/8.1 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit

Q: Will Silo plug-ins work on every DAW?

At Silo SoundLabs, we develop our plug-ins in line with the strict requirements of Apple Audio Unit (AU), VST3, and AAX frameworks. Although we have carried out extensive testing across multiple DAWs, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every platform. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us at

Q: Do Silo plug-ins work on 32-bit systems?

No. Silo SoundLabs plug-ins are designed using 64-bit architecture in order to comply with the very latest audio technology standards, and cannot be used on 32-bit systems.

Q: How does iLok work?

Silo SoundLabs has partnered with PACE in order to implement iLok – the industry standard for audio plug-in security – on all of our products. You will need to set up an iLok account in order to use our plug-ins; if you do not already have an iLok account, you will be guided through the process when setting up your plug-ins for use. For more information, please visit

Q: How do I change a plug-in from a 14-day demo activation to a purchased license activation?

1. Open the iLok License Manager and log in. A list of installed products will appear.
2. Highlight the product in the list that you wish to activate.
3. From the Licenses menu, select ‘Redeem Activation Code.’ Enter a valid activation code in the dialog that appears.
4. Click Next. An ‘Activation Successful’ dialog will appear.

Q: How do I use presets?

Each DAW has its own method for managing plug-in presets; please refer to the help files within your DAW for more information. We recommend that you save your Silo SoundLabs plug-in’s factory default state as a unique preset before starting to experiment with parameters.

Q: How do I control Silo plug-ins via MIDI?

Each DAW has its own method for mapping MIDI controllers to plug-in effects parameters; please refer to the help files within your DAW for more information.

Q: Refund policy

All software download purchases made on our website are non-refundable. Click here to view our End User License Agreement.